Lewis County Schools

Lewis County Schools

Robert L. Bland

Middle School


Home of the Patriots

358 Court Avenue

Weston, WV 26452


Phone: 304- 269-8325

Fax: 304-269-8310

Principal:  Mrs. Julie Radcliff

Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Sally Hinterer

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director:  Mrs. Keri Lambert

The 2018-2019 RLBMS school year has begun

News and Announcements

Tuesday, September 4 - Local School Improvement Council Meeting 6pm in the                                         Cafeteria

                                     - Soccer home 5:30 Buckhannon

Wednesday, September 5 - Football home 6:30 Bridgeport

Thursday, September 6 - Soccer home 4:30 South Harrison

Friday, September 14 - Progress reports go home

Monday, September 17 - Fundraiser information turned in

Wednesday, September 19 - 2 hour early dismissal

Thursday, September 20 - LCHS Homecoming Parade

Thursday, September 27 - Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-5:30

Teacher Emails

With the use of Snow Packets, being able to communicate with your student's teacher quickly has reached a new level of importance. Click the link below to access a list!

RLBMS Teacher Email List

School Security and Safety Procedures

The below file is a quick review of the security in Lewis County schools, as well as the safety procedures that are followed to keep your students safe while they're in our care.

School Security and Safety Procedures Sheet

GPA Calculation

If you have questions about how your student's GPA is calculated, please click on the red link below.

GPA Calculation Cheat Sheet

National Junior Honor Society

The red link below will show how an RLBMS student can join National Junior Honor Society.

NJHS Requirements

Honors Banquet

At the end of every school year, RLBMS hosts an Honors Banquet. The red link below will show you what requirements will need to be met to receive an invitation.

Honors Banquet Invitation Requirements???????


RLBMS is proud to accept and use Box Tops for Education. If your family collects them, send them to Mrs. Sarah Lough.

Click HERE for more information about this valuable program.


Too many children in West Virginia miss too many days of school. Often, we think absences aren't a problem as long as they're excused or a child’s learning won't be affected unless he or she misses several days in a row. Research shows that missing 10% of the school year — which can be just two or three days every month — can add up to so much lost time in the classroom that children just can't keep up. Attendance is critical to the success of our students. We must have our students present and engaged in order to provide them with the opportunities they need to be successful in the future. We invite you to take a look at the link below to help promote regular attendance and intervene when poor attendance becomes a problem.


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