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Lewis County Schools

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Lewis County Schools Vision for Digital Citizenship: 

We strive to teach technology responsibly, to be positive digital contributors in an ever-increasing global society. We believe it is important that all students practice digital civility and etiquette when in online spaces, and that they are encouraging the growth and sustenance of safe digital environments. We strongly nurture digital citizenship among our students, staff, and parents through a comprehensive set of digital citizenship curriculums that focus on digital safety, literacy, and etiquette empowering the users to be productive members of the online global community. Students strive to become effective, ethical users of information, ideas, and technology to meet the demands of the 21st century digital world.

Lewis County Work Order Submissions

Jeff Tidd

Lewis County Schools

Technology Director


Lewis County Technology Integration Specialists

Stephanie Stout


Julie McCarty


Lewis County Technology System Specialists

Ed Currey


Brian Tannous


Regina Stewart


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iPad App Request Form

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Microsoft Office for Free!

Anyone that has a K12 email address has access to 5 free licenses of Micosoft Office.  Click the link below to learn more! 

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