Lewis County Schools

Lewis County Schools

Donating Personal Days

The language used in the form for the donated leave days program is the language used in the state code. 

Personal leave is the total of your PP days and your sick days.   The personal leave days you are allowed to give another employee are your SICK days.  The only time someone can donate a PP day is if they, the donor, has no sick days left.  Otherwise, the only days that can be donated are your SICK days. 

Sick Leave Bank Information

As with the sick leave bank an employee must be approved by the Board to receive donated sick leave days.

Any employee wishing to be eligible to receive donated leave days must submit a request to the Board for approval.  The employee must be out of leave or know when all of their leave will be used up.  Once the Board approves an employee as eligible to receive donated leave days an e-mail will be sent out notifying all employees.  There should be forms for both steps in the notebook at every school.   There is also a requirement for the employee to get a statement from the doctor as to how long the employee needs to be off, that form should also be in the notebook or maybe in the policy manual.